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mohr surgery for skin cancer


Nancy A said "after seeing Dr. Anderson's work I assumed he was a plastic surgeon."

David T said he "is so grateful for the care he has received at our office.  I have been struggling with this condition for 10 years and have seen many doctors and no one has been able to help me. Kent is the first provider to come up with a diagnosis and treatment that actually works….  It's awesome!"

Gordon G said (after seeing our notices about outlying clinics) "He (Dr. Anderson) is such a great and decent guy, no wonder his practice needs to expand."

Jane F said she was "cancelling her appt because I was told if everything looked good, I did not need to keep the follow up.  I would like to say Thank you for all the great care. I'm healed!"

Christopher B said "I saw Kent on Friday.  It was the most peaceful doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had.  It was actually relaxing."

Charity H said, "That was an awesome visit!  I was so nervous before I went in but it was so painless and fast.  Nothing to it."

Hans G said “As a friend and provider, it doesn’t get any better than Dr. Anderson."

Karen T said "Sometimes Thanks is just not enough to express my gratitude for the care I've been given at your office."

Connie J said "Dr. Anderson is so nice it makes me want to cry."

Nick V said "for your gracious treatment.... it blew my mind.  When I return to Jackson later this summer, you must bring your whole family and I will take all of you out to dinner.  You're the best."

Carol C said "Thank you so much for taking the time to call me back and help me with my dilemma.  Hopefully the doctor you have referred me to will be as thorough as you. Otherwise, I'll be coming back to see you every 6 months!"

Jan M said "I'm sure you received a copy of the report from Huntsman Cancer Institute, but I also wanted to write my own report to you.  All the pathology reports came back clean. What a blessing!  Thank you for your excellent care..... The plastic surgeon we saw was extremely impressed with your work.  By the time she saw me, the scar was almost invisible.  As she marveled over how nice it looked, she added 'too bad we're going to have to mess it up.' Yes, too bad.  The scar I have now, from the plastic surgeon, is not a pretty thing but it's better than having cancer.  I just wanted to take the time to thank you, and tell you myself of the positive outcome.  I'll look forward to seeing you again."


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