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At Western Wyoming Dermatology & Surgery, we wish to clearly communicate our billing, payment, and insurance policies. We understand, at times, payment for our services may be difficult. If you have special circumstances that need to be brought to our attention, please inform us at the time you arrive for your visit.

We accept and bill:
  • Traditional Medicare
    • If you have traditional Medicare and another secondary insurance, Medicare is expected to automatically bill your secondary insurance. For whatever reason Medicare does not bill your secondary insurance, we will.
  • primary Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO plans

We do not accept or bill:
  • HMO’S
  • Medicare replacement plans
    • Under federal law you may bill your replacement Medicare program. However payment is expected, from you, at the time your visit concludes. We will reconcile your account after your insurance company has reviewed your charges, paid you for the claim, and you have supplied us with the Explanation of Benefits letter which is supplied to you by your insurance company.
  • KidCare/CHIP
  • Workers Compensation
  • Medicaid
  • If you have insurance that we do not accept, you are required to pay for services at the time your visit concludes. We will provide a detailed summary of our services. This is called an Encounter Report which includes service codes used by insurance companies, your charges, and your payment information. You may then forward the report to your insurance company. Please note  although we follow nationally recognized standards for billing, and comply with requirements to bill Medicare and BCBS, there is no guarantee that your personal insurance company will repay you in full.  We are available to help answer general questions regarding this process, but will not work as your billing agent in this situation.


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